Another Award…Post

Sorry, I couldn’t come up with a good alliteration so…I didn’t. I was again awarded with much appreciated blogging love in form of the Very Inspiring Blogger Award and the One Lovely Blogger Award. The first nomination has been sitting around for a while now but to be honest, I forgot about it, sorry The […]

Out of Hibernation

It’s about time I move out of hibernation. The week between Mom’s death and her funeral, I barely went outside, except to meet with some people and visit my grandma, oh, well and make sure I didn’t starve but other than that? I read fan fiction (cause that’s all I can focus on at the […]

What’s that? – Oh right, another Tag!

It’s 4 am and I can’t go back to sleep again so I thought it’s time to answer some questions. Simon from Onwindydays tagged me with his 11 questions and I’m more than happy to answer them. We’ll see though how good it goes. Let the games begin! First of all we have our obvious […]