Answering Requests

There’s something very satisfying about starting your day with performing a play in front of 800 school and kindergarten kids. This morning was our theater’s first performance and it went down pretty smoothly, which is always a good thing.

Last week I promised Miss Addie to upload a photo of me which I didn’t do along with the other pics from theater. So this is for you Addie :-)

And another one from the last dress rehearsal on saturday because I liked how my make-up was done (unlike today when I looked all but that pretty). I admit it’s not the best and I could have put more effort into trying to smile but I didn’t.

Then I also promised Addie to throw in and additional pic from last year’s Wizard of Oz in which I was an evil witch. I spent more time getting my hair and make-up done than on stage but whatever.

I feel so pretty :D

Ok, and now I only have to bore you with one more photo. This one’s for Tom Baker, he demanded a pic of the cherry-tartes I made for the picnic yesterday. As I told you, Tom, they didn’t look so good :-)

And now I’m done for today. Bye for now.

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  • Well no, the small image doesn’t look so great but the large photo takes them to a whole ‘nother level. They do look good and you should be happy with them. I must say the photos from this year look a lot more attractive than the one from the Wizard of Oz. Thanks Mina. It was so nice of you to humor your followers.

    • Well, I try to keep my followers happy :-)

      • I meant to also write that after seeing the larger image of the tarts, I would have eaten as many as allowed or, as many as I could sneak when your head was turned!

        • Hahaha, that’s what I did. The others had no chance, I ate most of them. But then again we had more than enough to eat yesterday and I took 2 of them back home with me, where I ate them in solitude :D

  • Ahoy!

    Arr! Lookit ye, me beauty! I be havin’ great, grand feelin’. This pictures be such a booty, like doubloons, me hearty!

    By the Powers!

    Addie (a.k.a. Plank Monkey Roberta)

  • Lovely pictures can I please have the tartes..they look so yummy…

    • Thanks Veeh but they’re all gone now :( Next time I box some up and send them to you ;)