‘The Language of Flowers’ by Vanessa Diffenbaugh

This is the story of a foster child, a story about anger, misanthropy, not feeling god enough, about love and trust. It starts when Victoria is turning 18 and finally emancipated, she doesn’t have to live in group homes anymore, needs to find a job and sort out her life. But those things turn out to be quite hard in the beginning, the only things Victoria cares for are flowers.

I didn’ know this before I started reading this book, but every flower is granted a meaning (sometimes even more than one) so that it’s possible to have conversations without words. It goes back to the Victorian Age¬†when lovers needed this sneaky way of communicating their feelings without risking to have letters intercepted and stuff like that.

I myself am not a flower-/ plants-/ gardening-person at all. I don’t enjoy plucking weeds, mowing lawns because the unwanted stuff will grow back, taking my time away from things I’d much rather do. However I can admire the beauty in other people’s gardens, as long as it’s not my work.

The Language of Flowers‘ didn’t take me long to read which I always see as a good sign, I liked how Victorias current life and her past enter-wined through alternation, every chapter adding a new piece to the puzzle which brings you closer to understanding why Victoria is the way she behaves.

I’m not really good at this whole book-revewing thing but I wanted to give it another try anyway as this book really surprised me. I was reluctant to by it but then thought that it wouldn’t matter really if I bought three or four books and I’m glad I did buy this one. I recommend it to anyone who wants a good read while learning about the meanings of daffodils, white tulips, hazel and many many flowers more.

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  • Sounds like a great read. I’ll put it on my “to-be-read” list!! :)

    • Yay, do that! It won’t disappoint, I’m sure.

      • Yay for more books! Not that I need more to read…since there are already so many choices, but it’s still a yay! :)

  • PM

    the book sounds interesting. the flower trivia are cool :D

  • This is such an intriguing article. I like the overall look of your blog as well.

    • Thanks a lot for stopping by and saying such kind things about my blog.

  • This is on my TBR list, glad to see you enjoyed it.