The Little Actress in Me

Some of you may already know that there’s this little actress inside of me that gets out every summer while I perform with a bunch of other actors on our beautiful open-air stage. I’ve been enchanted ever since I laid eyes on that stage five years ago.

This year we perform Peter Pan, the story about a boy who never wants to grow up. He lives in Neverland, a magical island with fairies, pirates and indians. I’ll just let the following pictures I took yesterday during the third dress rehearsal speak for themselves.

Wendy, Peter Pan and Tinkerbell at the Darling’s home
Tiger Lilly and her fellow indians about to steal the pirates food
The hollow tree, home to the lost boys.
The Girls entertaining Captain Hook. (My role is the blonde girl but since I was taking pictures, this is not me :D)
Poor Peter Pan, it looks like he is loosing to Hook.
Thank god the little bear survived! Thanks to a great medicine woman :-)


I could upload 200 pictures more but nobody wants to see all of them and there wouldn’t be enough space on my wordpress account either so these are the ones I selected to put on here. I’m not totally happy with the quality of the pictures even though they seemed fine while I was taking them.

Tuesday in a week will be the first performance and I’m looking forward to it. Hope you enjoyed this little trip to Neverland. See ya!

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  • Wow. Fabulous open-air stage. Never been on one. Feels like I’m there, though, just looking at your pics.

    And boo! There should be at least one picture of you in a costume here!!!! I demand a picture! We demand a picture! Everybody now! *chanting* We demand a picture.


  • That place looks amazing by the way. And the pictures, they all look so sharp! I don’t know what you’re talking about :P

    • Hehe thanks. I guess the perfectionist in me comes put at the oddest moments :D

  • Wow I totally love this, I will make sure that when I do became a teacher I will do something like this with my class I think they will totally love it!! Thank you for sharing!

  • I grew up loving theatre too, and even acted with several student and adult theatre programs along the way (out in front and behind the scenes). I moved to a bigger city several years ago and just have not found the right opportunity to revisit my theatre roots.

    Thanks for sharing such a fun set of photos. Can completely understand why you are loving every minute of your production of Peter Pan!

    Thanks for liking my blog, and so glad it linked me in to your blog posts as well. Can’t wait to hear more from you!

    • Wow you were fast, haha.
      Yes, theater is one of the best things I did so far and I really like my part this year. It’s the one thing I would really miss when I move away. I mean, what can possible be better than making 830 kids laugh simultaneously?!
      It makes me sad that you lost your theater. Once you been on stage and enjoyed it, there is no way back :-)

  • kimsmadworld

    How was the hollow tree made?

    • Dunno, didn’t build it, sorry. With plaster and other stuff I guess.