Dear Cheesecake,

Why do you have to be so goddamn perfect? Just why?

I know I’ve been absent lately, I even fondled around with some of your friends that one weekend not too long ago. Hell, I fell for that amazing chocolate-cake friend of yours but as soon as your sweet tastiness touched my lips again, I swear it’s over and I’ll never love a cake more than you. We’ll just remain good friends, chocolate-cake and me. After all, it wasn’ that serious, unlike you and me.

I admit that I pay for your, I never make you from scratch, except that one time, years ago but it  was a disaster. Do you remember? Maybe I should try it again but I’m afraid I’d ruin it again. I’m good at baking but you’re perfect the way you are.

Now I finally have you again, downstairs in the kitchen. You’re still a little bit frozen in the middle but I like you that way. I’m impatient, you know? As soon as you’re mine, I can’t wait to rip open that carton you come in and dive right into your deliciousness but I usually have to pace myself until you’re at least a little bit unfrozen so I’m able to cut you into pieces.

Seeing your perfect circle makes me dizzy, the butterflies in my stomach begin to flutter with anticipation and I’m anxious to cut you, to hurt you but it’s how we roll. You lie there, perfect and all, to let me take advantage of your helplessness. And I do, out of love.

Love for your tasty filling, that is so soft and creamy, just everything you wish for in a cheesecake. I wan’t our love affair to never end! Do you hear me?

I know our relationship had up’s and down’s over the years but I also know you’re the one. I love you, I crave you and your powers to make me feel wholesome again when I’m lost in a world of pain. Every good feeling I feel deeper and happier when you’re there with me. So…

Will you marry me?

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  • That is one amazing cheese cake.

  • Oh yum and the way you described it. Now I’m in the mood for a midnight snack!

    • It IS yummy! I’d say come on over but I guess that’s a bit too far, sadly. But I’ll think of you tomorrow when I will eat most of it :D

  • have the biggest craving for cheesecake now, yum :-)

  • Try making it again – seriously! You’ll succeed. And it’s so so so worthwhile :)

    • Ah, maybe I should…but the one you can buy here is actually already so damn good. I’ll at least go look for a decent recipe.

  • When I was growing up, everyone around me loved eating cheesecake and I didn’t want to touch it. The thought of cheese and cake was enough to put me off…I really thought it was cake that tasted like cheddar cheese. Then one day (admittedly when I was 22-23) I got handed a free sample of cheese cake and I thought “Well I’m not going to just waste food”, so I ate it and, well, now I regret all those years I could have been eating cheesecake and didn’t.

    I remember hosting a party not that long ago and the birthday-child had a cheesecake birthday cake. One of his/her friends refused to touch it…and I’m almost certain it was because this kid believed as I use to (cheese…cake), I thought quietly to myself “Kid, in 10 years you’ll regret saying no to that cheesecake”

    my favourite is chilled cheesecake…im yet to try a baked cheesecake

    • I know your feelings exactly. I remember that my mom had to convince me over and over that it was just the name and that it wasn’t actually made out of cheese since I didn’t like cheese then and now (only eat it grilled).
      Chilled cheesecake is also good but you should try a baked one! It’s also pretty great.
      And thanks for stopping by :-)

  • Oh man, cheesecake is the absolute best!! Whenever we get it in the house it tends to disappear rather quickly. Sad thing, I can’t blame it on anybody else…no one else likes it here as much as I do!

    • Hahaha, it disappears way too quick over here too ;-) and it’s my fault, always :D

  • Cheesecake is perhaps the perhaps the most perfect dessert. I have nothing bad to say about it. Creamy delicousness that – wait… I just thought of one bad thing. I usually can eat the whole thing in one sitting. That is bad. My omentum just keeps growing.

    • As it turns out, cheesecake seems to be loved by many, many people which I think is great.
      Personally I don’t think it’s a bad thing you could eat it in only one sitting :D

      • It is so rich and fatty. Now I think I want one. Maybe I’ll make one. No cream cheese and I don’t feel like doing a thing but stay home today.

        • I’m always glad to make someone crave cheesecake, like and evil cheesecake-promoter hehe. Ok (trying to move your mind off cheesecake now) I will do some mini-tartes with cherries tonight for a picnic tomorrow. That’s as bakery as I’ll get today.