I promised myself I wouldn’t write another post until Friday after half of my exams are over, but I like the picture very much, so let me post it here. Also, I updated my ‘About’ because I just can.

Enjoy your day, have fun and feel hugged if you like xD

This picture is the courtesy of the gracious internet and google image search. I don't own it and frankly I have no clue who owns it, I just like it.


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  • Ah man, feeling hugged isn’t the same as actually getting one haha! Readers are Leaders :P Ah well, good luck on those exams, I know how brutal those can get…

    • Yeah, you’re right, it’s not the same but since I actually can’t hug anyone who’s not living nearby, this was the best I could do to spread the good feeling I felt :D

      • Haha, totally understood :P Oh well, I wish you the best on your exams! You’ll do great, look on the bright side…it’s already almost friday! :D

        • Thanks, I need all the luck I can get for this one :D

          Tomorrow being friday is the thing that keeps me going! And the prospect of a good nights sleep :-)

  • Oh and of course I put you on my blogroll! You were kind enough to do that for me :D