Spotify is finally here

Maybe I’m on a major sugar-high or whatever, these days I have to enjoy the little things. I’m also procrastinating at the moment I should add.

Here is what made my day: The swedish music streaming service Spotify has finally launched in Germany this morning. It was already there when I woke up this morning! Amazing!

I first fell in love with it during my stay in Sweden¬†and I was waiting ever since I returned home for its launch. I read rumors on the internet for the last couple of weeks that the start would be immanent and I’m glad they were true. So I’m enjoying streaming music I don’t own totally legal right now. I’m still debating whether to get an Unlimited (paid for) account, but I don’t wanna rush things. After all it took me several hours to change the set country of my old account to my current location.

What else can I write so I won’t have to open that pdf-file with 220 slides about coal fired power plants?!

Of course there were other alternatives here in Germany to Spotify but after I tasted the real thing it seemed like cheating to settle for a copy. So I waited, got jealous when it finally launched in the US last year, and then Austria and Switzerland in last November.

What makes it so special you might ask yourself. Well, it has a huge selection of music by all major labels and a lot of independent ones. And then there is my favorite gimmick, the one I missed in iTunes over the past year: The ability to queue your music! Out of every track you can just add it to a Queue list and it plays the songs in the order you want it to. I love it!

If you are a lucky one, living in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Spain, The Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, the US and Germany, go check Spotify out. I’ll try to focus on studying now.
Haha, good one, I know *g*


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